Objective of www.wojc.org

The Jews answered Him, saying, We do not stone You concerning a good work, but concerning blasphemy; and because You, being a man, make Yourself God. (John 10:33 KJ3) 

We read in John 10:33 that Jesus was killed because He made Himself God, that is, He demonstrated that He is Jehovah, since Jehovah is the God of the chosen people. Isn't that a simple logical conclusion from the reading of the verse to understand that Jesus is actually Jehovah? Nope.

Well, even though Jesus spoke the truth hidden in parables, as it is wtitten in Psalms 78:2 and Matthew 13:35, nevertheless, the chosen people of the generation of Jesus were paying attention to the mouth of Jesus.

 If Jesus does not correct the accusation and died without denying it, it is because Jesus is Jehovah made flesh or incarnated. That is the consensus that is found in the Gospel of John that teaches that Jesus is Jehovah (John chapter 1), as that is also the theme of the whole New Testament.

The mission of the witness of Jesus Christ is among other things to proclaim the message that Jesus is Jehovah God to every culture. From whatever transpired in heavens, Jesus was made flesh to prove the Adversary wrong and, thus, redeem us, and to elevate Judaism to the knowledge of the unknown (Mattew 11:27; Luke 10:12) Supreme God Whom He addresses as The Father, our Father.

It's also our mission to teach every called and willing soul to be a witness for Jesus Christ and how to live life according to Jesus's universal will as He revealed it to Moses, enforced it through His Prophets, fulfilled it by living it perfecltly, and as disseminated by His Apostles to all those who heed to their messages.

I do not have the intelligence nor the eloquence nor the power to unveil to anyone the hidden yet open truth that is narrated through the pages of the Bible. Nevertheless, through this website, my prayer is that many will find enough unbiased biblical reasoning to fine tune any belief system, to attune the unadulterated will of the Father as revealed in the Bible. Besides, there is no human intelligence that can understand the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,aka Jesus, on her own. There is no rhetorical skills nor archaeological nor historical proof nor scientific argument to that effect either. The more intelligence we gather in the elements that make up our world, the farther away from God we tend to drift. The most intelligent people would deny that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob exists. The nature of our soul is the only key to grasp the Jewish divinity. God considers the state of our hearts and minds to reveal Himself to us.