The Incarnation

For to you is born today, in the city of David, [a] Savior, who is Christ (Messiah) [the] Lord (Jehovah).  (Luke 2:11 MKJV)

"Behold! The virgin will conceive in her womb and will bear a son, and they will call His name Emmanuel" (which translated is, God with us). Isaiah 7:14  (Matthew 1:23 LITV)

In Hebrew, who was born in Luke 2:11? Messiah Jehovah, the king of israel.

For to you is born today, in the city of David, [a] Savior, who is Christ (Messiah) [the] Lord (Jehovah).  (Luke 2:11 MKJV)

...saying, `Where is he who was born king of the Jews? for we saw his star in the east, and we came to bow to him.'  (Matthew 2:2 YLT)

The answer to the identity of the one who was born in Luke 2:11 has become plain.  The Shepherds did not know any Jesus so that they could identify Messiah Jehovah (which means Christ Lord) with Jesus. They did not the Messiah but they were waiting for the Messiah  (John 1:41) just as the Samaritans (John 4:25). They did know  about Jehovah (Lord) who just became flesh. Even foreigners, in Matthew 2:2, knew that Jehovah who was born was the King of Israel and some Israelites (Mark 15:32; John 1:49; 12:13; 18:33-37).

We also know that Jesus carries the attributes of being our Savior, our Redeemer, the King of Israel just like Jehovah. Therefore,  Isaiah 46:6 in tandem with Mathew 2:2 decode or shed light to Luke 2:11 to imply that it is Jehovah God (Isaiah 44:6) who became flesh, as His Angel announced it to the shepherds (Luke 2:11). Therefore, Luke 2:11 is one the many passages that imply that Jesus Christ is Jehovah God.  Note that Angel of Jehovah did not tell the shepherds that Jesus was born. From the translated conversation between Gabriel and Mary, it is not clear that Mary was aware that the Holy Thing she was about to carry in her womb was the very Jehovah God, as Angel of Jehovah (of the Lord) revealed it to the shepherds.

We also read the in 1 Peter 1:10-11, that way before Jesus was made flesh, His Spirit was the force stirring their minds. We know that the Holy Spirit is of God and Jehovah God.

1 Peter 1:10-11 MKJV

(10)  About which salvation the prophets sought out and searched out, prophesying concerning the grace for you;

(11)  searching for what, or what manner of time, the Spirit of Christ made clear within them, testifying beforehand of the sufferings of Christ, and the glories that should follow.

Why would Jesus be born as the Lord? He was not born rich.

Jesus was not born in a rich family that would justify the appellation "Lord". The man Jesus was a carpenter, no one in His village would have called Him Lord. Jesus did not own anything of value. He did not run a very profitable business. He did not do anything worthwhile, as a human being, that earns earthly wealth for His peers to call Him Lord Jesus,. The appellation Lord ascribed to Jesus must imply something deeper.

Exodus 3:14 of the concordant literal version